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ACROSS THE SEA (Ernest Kaai / Ray Kinney / John Noble) Listen to the song the birds are singing Of the southern isles across the sea Island gems within a coral setting Islands of the sunny southern sea Bright the sky above with golden sunshine Flooding all the lands with warmth and light See the palm trees swaying to the ocean Whispering songs of love by day and night Hui: Across the sea and isle is calling me Calling to the wanderer to retrun Bidding me come back to fair Hawai`i To these sunny isles across the sea See the surf comes rolling ever onwards Meets the land and melts in creamy foam Breaks upon the shore and scatters quickly Like a million pearls let loose to roam Watch the spray which melts in liquid sunshine Tossed up from the bosom of the deep High above in varied colors forming Like the mermaids rising from their sleep


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