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A FATHER AND A SON (Loudon Wainwright III) Loudon Wainwright III When I was your age I was just like you, And just look at me now; I'm sure you do. But your grandfather was just as bad And you should have heard him trash his dad. Life's no picnic, that's a given: My mom's mom died when my mom was seven; My mom's father was a tragic guy, But he was so distant and nobody knows why. Now, your mother's family, you know them: Each and every one a gem, Each and every one a gem. When I was your age I was a mess; On a bad day I still am, I guess. I think I know what you're going through; Everything changes but nothing is new. And I know that I'm miserable; can't you see? I just want you to be just like me. Boys grow up to be grown men And then men change back into boys again. You're starting up and I'm winding down; Ain't it big enough for us both in this town? Say it's big enough for us both in this town. When I was your age I thought I hated my dad And that the feeling was a mutual one that we had; We fought each other day and night: I was always wrong; he was always right. But he had the power and he needed to win; His life half over, mine about to begin. I'm not sure about that Oedipal stuff, But when we were together it was always rough. Hate is a strong word; I want to back-track; The bigger the front, then the bigger the back; The bigger the front, then the bigger the back. Now you and me are me and you, And it's a different ballgame though not brand-new. I don't know what all of this fighting is for; But we're having us a teenage/middle-age war. I don't want to die and you want to live; It takes a little bit of take and a whole lot of give. It never really ends though each race is run, This thing between a father and a son. Maybe it's power and push and shove, Maybe it's hate but probably it's love, Maybe it's hate but probably it's love.


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