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A FOOL IN LOVE (Randy Newman) Randy Newman Randy Newman and Susanna Hoffs (of the Bangles) Look at the light coming over me Show me a man who's gentle and kind And Iíll show you a loser Now, show me a man who takes what he wants Ohhhhhhhhh how exciting Ohhhhhhhhh how exciting So the poet sings When youíre a fool in love And nothing goes the way you plan And no one cares and no one understands That youíre a fool and youíre in love Never another spring for you, Never a robin to sing for you, Youíre out there on your own When youíre a fool in love When youíre a fool in love Seems like the skies are always grey You turn around theres someone in your way And itís you, and youíre in love Sometimes you think that your luck has changed And a rainbow explodes ícross the sky, But when youíre a fool in love Youíll be a fool ítil the day you die (Contributed by AeMoggs - March 2008)


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