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ALBERTA'S CHILD Ian Tyson Well, them old boys down in Texas chew Copenhagen Wash it all down with that Coors Ain't a bit bashful about speakin' their minds They'll tell you what's theirs and what's yours There's Waylon and there's Willie, they own about half the state And sing of her glories all in song Talk about your lovers and your fighters wild brahma bull riders The whole thing take a holt and goes on CHORUS: Ride with me, Jesus, help me pull this heavy load Don't let her slip, don't let her slide You answer all our questions further down this muddy road Old cowboys cross the Great Divide Well, up north it's saddle broncs and it's hockey and honky tonks Old Wilf Carter 78's Dumb stuff like chores when it's twenty below They're the things that a country boy hates Too much damn wind and not enough whiskey Drives them ol' northern boys flat wild And he may go to Hell, or even Vancouver He'll always be Alberta's child CHORUS:


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