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A LITTLE KISS GOODNIGHT (Merrill) Doris Day & Guy Mitchell (Spoken) D Well, Iíve had a wonderful time. I think Iíd better be going in now. G Gee Dodo, didnít you forget something? (Sung) G Donít I get a little kiss goodnight? D Dear, youíll have to wait, Iíve never done that on the very first date G Donít I get a chance to hold you tight? D Though Iím in a whirl, I hope you donít think that Iím that kind of girl G Looking in your eyes can make me weak, dear Please, just your cheek, dear No telling what I would do for a little kissing D And whatíll you do if my fatherís listening? D If we kiss you may not call again. G Swear with all my might Iím going to call you for Saturday night D Dear, why canít the kiss just wait for then? G Got me so perplexed, I really donít know what to say to you next Breaks my heart how near it is D Well, ok honey, here it is G Wow! (Both) All of this for a tiny little kiss goodnight (Humming) Mmm, mmm-mmm, mmm-mmm , mmm-mmm, mmm-mmm G Let me kiss you pet? D I wanted to kiss you the minute we met Mmm, mmm-mmm, mmm-mmm, mmm-mmm, mmm-mmm G Iím the kind of guy D That doesnít mind powder all over his tie Itís getting awfully late, weíd better get, dear G One cigarette, dear D King-size G This time, donít look at the clock up in the steeple D Ainít it a shame when youíre working people? G Do you have a hero of your dreams? D All heíd have to be is really and truly in love with me G ĎCause you and I see eye to eye, it seems D I would give and give and what would I care if the two of us live In a palace or a tent G Darling, may I pay the rent? D Oh, yeah (Both) All of this from a tiny little kiss goodnight D Goodnight G Goodnight


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