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ALL ALONE IN AUSTIN (Linda Hargrove) Linda Hargrove - 1975 Diana Trask - 1976 Here comes another mornin' sun Another day has just begun The stars are disappearin' one by one as day begins And I'm alone, I'm all alone in Austin I came here looking for someone The man that loved me on the run And I'm the fool that followed thinkin' love was mine to win Now I'm alone, I'm all alone in Austin I should have never let my heart take me so far I should have never left my home I could've found someone back home to love I know Just look how far I've come to be alone, I'm all alone in Austin I thought for sure that love would stay I've got the will but there's no way I blindly let love lead me here to see the end, me alone I'm all alone in Austin So alone, I'm all alone in Austin (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - October 2011)


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