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ALL NIGHT THING (Clarence Burke Jr. / Dean Gant / Alex Masucci) The Invisible Man`s Band - 1980 Also recorded by : Original Latin All-Stars. One, two, three... Waiting on the dance, To get started. Hollywood stands, it's jammed down Hoo cha! It's a party now. I wanna dance, I wanna dance, Everybody wanna dance, Move those bodies around While the music spins, Get down, get down, get down. Get... [Chorus:] It's gonna be an all night thing. It's gonna be an all night thing. Baby, it's an all night thing. It's gonna be an all night thing. Break out! Freaks on the floor. Freaks on the floor. All the freaks on the floor, On a saturday night. Disco is explode. Strange freaky vibes Flashing lights of red, Blue, yellow and green. It's a funky scene. Ready for the hit Get on your knees. [Chorus:] Yeah, yes it is. Uh huh. Baby... [skat] Beat feet, stamp, jam, Move it on in. It's a sheet freak. Come on in. 'cause, I can't go, On such a hot date. Suga booga, Would ya, could ya. Move a little close, For you to hear Don't ya know? You got me shifting in fifth gear. You look so fine. I want your number, In my book. Gonna take you home with me, And get it on,


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