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ALL THE GOOD IS GONE (Norro Wilson / Dottie Bruce) Jerry Lee Lewis - 1968 Joe Stampley - 1973 It was only yesterday that I noticed a sudden change Even tonight when you touched me, everything seemed strained I've been worried for a long time that something might go wrong Oh, it's happened, I know it's happened, all the good is gone All the good is gone from the love we shared together All the tenderness has disappeared from your lovin' arms And now I'll start looking for another to take your place And when each time I hold her and feel her warm embrace Old mem'ries of our good times, when I loved you for so long I'll remember, yes, I'll remember, all the good is gone Yes, I'll remember, honey, I'll remember, all the good is gone (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - July 2012)


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