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ALWAYS IN MY HEART (FOREVER ON MY MIND) (J. Fred Coots / Roy Turk) Ethel Shutta - 1932 Isham Jones & His Orch. - 1932 Henry Hall & His Orch. (vocal: Les Allen) - 1932 Always in my heart, forever on my mind No matter what I do I find That youíre always in my heart, and forever on my mind. When Iím all alone and gloomy clouds appear Those gloomy clouds are silver lined Ďcause youíre always in my heart and forever on my mind I have built a world of hopes about you Youíre part of me dear, Iím part of you. Life would be an empty shell without you A love like this I never knew. Living just for you, today, tomorrow too And when I leave this world behind Youíll be always in my heart and forever on my mind. (Transcribed by Bill Huntley - October 2004)


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