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AMARILLO HIGHWAY Terry Allen I'm a high straight in Plainview A side bet in Idalou An' a fresh deck in Mobile Yeah some call me high handed Some call me low handed But I'm holdin' what I am the wheel Chorus: 'Cause I'm panhandlin' manhandlin' Post holin' hugh rollin' dust bowlin' Daddy I ain't got no blood in my veins I just got them four lanes Of hard Amarillo Highway I don't wear no Stetson But I'm willin' to bet son That I'm as big a Texan as you are There's a girl in her bare feet Asleep on the back seat And the trunk's full of Pearl beer and Lone Star CHORUS Gonna hop outta bed Pop a pill in my head Bust a hub for the Golden Spread Under Blue Skies Gonna stuff my hide Behind some Power Glide Get some southern fried back in my hide CHORUS Refrain: As Close as I'll ever get to heaven Is makin' speed up old eighty-seven Of that hard Amarillo Highway


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