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AMERICAN BEAUTY (Rich Alves / Randy Van Warmer) The Oak Ridge Boys A '57 Chevy, Red and White American Beauty Levi blue jeans twisin' all night American Beauty California girls, Rocky Mountain High A Texas star in a cowboy's eyes Shinin' like a diamond from sea to sea American beauty, American beauty A Zebco Fishing Pole Fishin dowstream American Beauty Strummin on a '48 D-18, American Beauty Hot dogs, baseball, popcorn, football a cheer for victory NASCAR Racecar number 3 American beauty, American beauty From North to South From coast to coast You can see it everywhere you go Miles of Wheat fields rolling to the skies American beauty Great white spaceship, Enterprise American Beauty Stampede of buffalo, Sitting bull, Geronimo, An eagle on wing From Alabama with a banjo on my knee American beauty, American beauty She stands in the harbor In the city of dreams American Beauty Prettiest face I've ever seen American Beauty And she holds a torch And she wont let go I love her with all my heart And soul Id give my life To keep her free American beauty, American beauty American beauty, American beauty American beauty


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