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A MINER'S LIFE Charlie Waller & Keith Little Fair warnin' to your neighbor For all of those who labor At tryin' to make a livin' underground Matters not for what you're seeking, Chances are you'll weakin' In time the odds will turn your life around In the coal fields of Kentucky Man they say you're lucky In the black lung don't put you underground For while you're swollen with the gold dust You're breathin' in the course dust Your silicosis finally dragged you down Ch. Hear that cold steel a ringin' Hear them hammers swingin' low A minor's life ain't hardly worth it all Hear them tommy-knockers knockin' Feel the reelin' and rockin' Afraid it's goin' a come in after all For every minor who hits pay dirt And lives to tell it under A thousand more arw swallowed in the mine And for each decent minin' outfit There's a hundred other misfits Who never plan to see a man retire So when choosin' your profession Take heed and learn a lesson From those who've lived to labor underground Cause they've got a different story For minin' and its glory They'd give it all to turn their life around


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