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AFFAIR TO REMEMBER (LOVE AFFAIR) Composer Harry Warren Lyrics Leo McCarey/Harold Adamson Vic Damone Also sung by: Frank Sinatra Marni Nixon Johnny Mathis Nat King Cole Julie London The Four Lads Charito Jane Morgan Johnny Desmond Louise Pitre Dinah Washington Joni James Salena Jones Gretchen Barrretto Peter Oprisko Graham Blvd Franc D'Ambrosio Jennifer Wood Bob Manning Jed Madela Rita Ellis Hammer Grace Dolores Duran Frankie Fanelli Royalettes Chris Dean Lionel Newman (and many more) 1957 Film starring Cary Grant Deborah Kerr Directed Leo McCarey American Film Institute (AFI) Ranked #5 of America's greatest love stories Remake from McCarey's 1939 file called Love Affair with Irene Dunne and Charles Boyer Our love affair is a wondrous thing That we'll rejoice in remembering Our love was born with our first embrace And a page was torn out of time and space. Our love affair, may it always be A flame to burn through eternity So take my hand with a fervent prayer That we may live and we may share A love affair to remember. (bridge) So take my hand with a fervent prayer That we may live and we may share A love affair to remember. (Transcribed by David Story - May 2013) *************************************** CE BEL AMOUR - 'AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER' (en Francais) Music by Harry Warren, French lyrics not attributed. Ce bel amour, qui ne peut mourir, Sera pour nous un doux souvenir, Promesse ardente du premier baiser, Qui nous lie, tous deux, pour l’éternité. D’un bel amour toujours grandissant Qui défiera les épreuves du temps. Trouvons la joie, reste dans mes bras, Que nous vivions un bel amour, Affaire de coeur, qu’on n’oublie pas (Contributed by Thom FitzSimmons - July 2007)


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