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AND MIMI Jimmy Kennedy & Nat Simon Dick Haymes Verse: Sitting at a table on the corner - the lights of Paris bright all around - Listen to him while he tells his story, how he lost the only love he ever found. Chorus: On the Rue de la Paix there was once a cabaret - And Mimi - As the night went along there was suddenly a song - And Mimi All the world seemed to say that they loved the cabaret - And Mimi - But I knew that when she'd see me Mimi sang for me alone. Came an apache with a passion For dancing with the one I adore. Taught her to dance in his fashion, And for me she's singing no more - On the Rue de la Paix there was once a cabaret - And Mimi - Now I'm sitting sad and dreamy, Just for Mimi and her song. Published 1947 Campbell connelly & Co Ltd 10 Denmark Street London W.C.2. (Contributed by Paul Daniel - February 2015)


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