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AND STILL (Liz Hengber / Tommy Lee James) Reba McEntire Thousands of people live in this town And I had to run into him When I saw him there on that busy street Those feelings came back again There was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide He walked up to me, looked in my eyes Chorus: And still The world stood still I couldnít move And all I could feel Was this aching in my heart Saying I loved him still He said howíve you been Itís great to see you again Youíre really a sight for sore eyes I said, I canít complain Iím doing fine We talked as the people rushed by We laughed about old times and all we went through Thatís when he hugged me and said Iíve missed you Thatís when she walked up to him He said, this is my wife I gave my best smile But I was dying inside He said we gotta go now Itís getting late It was so good to see you Then they walked away


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