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ANGEL (Stevie Nicks) Fleetwood Mac - 1979 Sometimes The most beautiful things The most innocent things And many of those dreams Pass us by Keep passing us by You feel good I said it's funny that you understood I knew you would When you were good You were very, very good I still look up When you walk in the room I've the same wide eyes They tell the story Try not to reach out When you turn 'round And you say hello And we both pretend There was an end But there was no ending So I close my eyes softly Til I become that part of the wind That we all long for sometime And to those that I love Like a ghost through a fog Like a charmed hour And a haunted song And the angel of my dreams I still look up I try hard not to look up That girl was me Track a ghost through the fog A charmed hour--a haunted song Track a ghost through the fog, baby Ooh, you try hard But you'll never catch me--yeah


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