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ANGELINE The Allman Brothers Band Ridin' in a long gray limousine. Sittin' in a pair of hundred dollar jeans. Tryin' to talk sense to a rock'n'roll queen. Damn, best kinda livin' anybody ever seen. Oh, Angeline. Chorus: Lookin' at the bright lights, searchin' for the sliver screen. I never seen a woman who could look so good, and be so doggone mean. Yeah. Oh, midnight struttin' in New York City. Midnight woman, she is lookin' so pretty. Her little heart beat in rhythm with the world. She used to be her mama's little girl. Hey, hey Angeline. Chorus Whoa, just a game that she loves to play, leavin' broken hearts all along the way. She's got friends that she ain't never used. She's winnin' now but she's bound to lose. Oh, Angeline. chorus


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