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ANGEL IN HER FACE (Reid) The Statler Brothers - 1984 I miss the way she always knew when things were on my mind I miss the way she'd always cling to every word of mine I miss the way that only she could put me in my place But most of all, I miss that look of angel in her face I miss the comfort of her kiss, the sounds of love we shared I miss the touch of her warm hand that spoke 1000 words I miss the soul her love could give to things so commonplace But most of all, I miss that look of angel in her face Bridge: She was soft & lonely when she first came to me But I took her heart and only gave her misery I miss the cling she always had with eyes that worshipped me I miss the soul that I could feel, the warmth that I could see And as she lies beside me now, I know I can't erase The fact that I'm the one who took the angel from her face


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