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ANONA (Vivian Grey / Robert A King) as recorded by Florrie Forde 1905 In the Western state of Arizona Lived an Indian maid. She was called the beautiful Anona, So 'tis said. Graceful as a fawn was she, Just as sweet as she could be, Eyes so bright, Black as night, Had this pretty little Arizonian Indian maiden. All the chiefs who knew her Came to woo her, For her pined. To marry she declined; At last she changed her mind. It was not a chief so grand Who won her heart and hand, But a warrior bold who wooed her with a song! My sweet Anona In Arizona, There is no other maid I'd serenade! By camp fires gleaming Of you I'm dreaming, Anona my sweet Indian maid! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - January 2017)


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