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ANOTHER SPRING Nina Simone Old people talk to themselves When they sit all íround all day This old woman I knew I used to go over there and sit with her And sheíd be sitting around In a rocking chair talking to herself And she used to say she used to say Sometimes the cold gets in my bones so bad Till I just donít think I can go Yeah and for a little while well I donít care If my days are coming to an end And just as soon be gone sometimes Sometimes the night comes down on me And I know whatís ahead An evening in this cold old house With no one to say goodnight to me when I go to bed An evening in this cold old house With no one to say goodnight to me when I go to bed Sometimes I wonder why I stay What am I waiting for My children are grown and gone away They got children of their own now Donít need me anymore In winter when the streets are bare There ainít nothing much to see I just canít help missing and thinking About that kindly man That one old winter time came And took away from me And then one morning Another spring is there outside my door Things are blooming Birds are singing And suddenly yes well I ainít sad Ainít sad no more ainít sad no more When itís warm and the sun is out Itís like my heartís restored Iíve had my love Iíve had my children And I have so many memories So donít mind me complaining What the years may bring Cos this old world has been fine with me really And Iím thankful for seeing another spring Itís gonna be better this time another spring Itís gonna be groovier this time another spring Itís whatís happening this time So Iím thankful for letting me see another spring


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