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ANOTHER TIME (David Courtney / Leo Sayer) Leo Sayer Another time, love You know I canít quite recognise your face, love Although I feel I know you from someplace, love Another time, love -- but not now Another face, love Iím sure I know the voice, but not the face, love I know you think I know you but then youíre wrong, love I donít know, love, who I am Yísee Iím lost... And I donít know who I am Another town, love Tomorrow night I play another town, love The show keeps rolling on and so it goes, love I donít know, love where Iím bound I must be going now Iím sorry Iím unsure I must be going now Maybe weíll meet again Another time, love -- another town -- another place Yísee Iím lost And I donít know who I am


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