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APRIL SHOWERS BRING MAY FLOWERS (Leo Wood / Nat & Jack Shilkret, 1920) When the whole world seems so drear, And above dark clouds appear, And your heat seems filled with fear, Don't feel sad and blue; Think how nice it soon will be, When the sun shines cheerfully, Try it and I know you'll see What I say is true! Happiness was meant for you, Seek it and you'll find it too, Then your life will start a new, Wonderful 'twill be; Sorrow was not meant to stay, Just to come and go away Tho' it finds us all some day, Still you'll surely see: April showers bring May flowers, And sweet bowers, where roses twine; Now I know too, I can show you, That it's so too all the time, If the sunshine came at one time, All the fun time would soon be through; April showers bring May flowers, So just wait 'till love comes to you.


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