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ARRAH GO ON I'M GONNA GO BACK TO OREGON (Joe Young, Sam Lewis / Bert Grant, 1916) Pat McCarty, hale and hearty, Living in Oregon, Heard a lot of talk about the great New York; He left the farm, where all was calm and landed on old Broadway, He coaxed a little Mary Ann into a swell cafe. The waiter brought the card and said, "what will you have," to Pat; Then Pat looked at the prices and he said "I'll have me hat." Pat McCarty broke the party up into smithereens Said "your bill of fare, would give a bull scare; I want to eat, but I repeat, I don't want to buy the place," And Mary Ann was sitting with blushes on her face. She said, "I'll have a little steak, that's all I want right now;" And Pat said, "what it costs for steaks, why I could buy a cow." Arrah go on, I'm gonna go back to Oregon, Arrah go on, I'm gonna go back and stay. I could buy the horses many a bale of hay, for all that I'd have to pay to feed a chicken on old Broadway, Arrah go on, there's somebody back in Oregon, Who calls me Uncle Pat, not Uncle John; Arrah go on, go way, go wid yer go way, go wid yer go way, go on, Arrah go on, I'm gonna go back to Oregon.


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