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A TOUCH OF CLASS Dr. Feelgood Poor boy, up west, and the action wasnít going my way Rich girl, best dressed, lookiní like she come out to play I stood back, you swept passed, I decided that Iíd give it a shot I stepped in, I moved fast, I thought Iíd give it everything that Iíd got We take tea at the ritz, I take you down to the docks You can rely on me to lower the tone You call me your bit of rough, I call you my bit of stuff You ainít brass, youíre a touch of class I like a pint, you like your bubbles We have a whip round when you order your drink Youíre in whoís who, Iím whose in trouble Youíre upper class and Iím the missing link You got a bun(? ) in your mouth and too much time on your hands I got an accent, you can cut with a knife Your dadís a bit of a snob but mineís a terminal slob You ainít brass, youíre a touch of class We go dutch, it ainít much I knew a classy girl like you wouldnít mind A bit rough, a bit tough, a bit of low life knocks that perfect punch - guitar solo - You got a race horse at home, you keep him down on the farm I buy the sporting life to studying the odds I got a feel for the streets, you got your country retreat You ainít brass, youíre a touch of class You ainít brass, youíre a touch of class You ainít brass Huh, youíre a touch of class


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