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AT THE MILLION DOLLAR TANGO BALL (Words and Music by: James White, 1914) Millionaires gave a tango ball the other night at the Wall Street Hall, Hetty Green and old John D. Vanderbilt and Carnegie. Millionaires from every town did the tango up and down I know you'd think it funny if you could see them, honey doing things up brown Fragrant perfume filled the air diamonds shone from everywhere I saw Eva Tanguay there she was singing "I Don't Care." Leaders of society losing all their dignity you ought to see them swaying and hear the music playing on and off the key. At the million dollar tango ball, given by the millionaires at Wall Street Hall, John D. Rockefeller sold the tickets by the score, Andrew Carnegie was taking tickets at the door. Hetty Green was dancing mistress of the floor, Vanderbuilt was playing every rag encore with "Too much mustard" oh you doll, no one thought of home at all, at the million dollar tango ball.


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