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BABY, BABY, BABY From the film "Those Redheads From Seattle" (1953) (Mack David / Jay Livingston) Teresa Brewer - 1953 Johnny Mathis - 1957 Also recorded by: Tommy Edwards; Jimmy Witherspoon. Baby, baby, baby Love me, love me, do Love me, love me true The way that I love you Baby, baby, baby You're my kind of guy And I'd want to die If you should say we're through You smile and I'm happy You frown and I'm blue For me there's no sunshine Unless the sun shines for you Baby, baby, baby Take me, take me, please Put my heart at ease Love me as I love you ***** MALE LYRICS: Baby, baby, baby I'm the kind of guy Who would want to die If you should say we're through ***** (Contributed/Transcribed by Carlene Bogle - June 2005)


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