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BABY, DON'T YOU LEAVE ME (Written by: Clarence Paul) Marvin Gaye Baby, don't you leave me Baby, don't you leave me Don't you break my heart Why you wanna leave me? Why you wanna grieve me? Why do we have to part Couldn't give my love to nobody else You've got me feelin' sorry for myself Baby, don't you leave me Baby, I'm lonely Oh, so lonely When you left me before That's when you promised Oh yes, you promised Not to leave me no more You oughta hang your head in shame The way you keep my little heart in pain Baby, don't you leave me Said you'd never let nothin' come between you and me I'm yours and I guess I'll be yours till you set me free Don't leave me Please don't leave me Don't you make me cry Let's stay together Always together Till the day we die You know you're comin' out hard to wait You're gonna fool around and make it great? Baby, don't you leave me Don't leave me, baby Baby, don't you leave me Please don't go Baby, don't you leave me ...and fade


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