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BACKSTAGE Gene Pitney A thousand hands applaud tonight I sing my songs my star shines bright I stop and smile I take my bow I leave the stage and then somehow Backstage I'm lonely, backstage I cry You've gone away and each night I seem to die a little Out on that stage I play the star I'm famous now I've come so far A famous fool I let love go I didn't know I'd miss you so Backstage I'm lonely, backstage I cry Hating myself since I let you say goodbye Every night a different room Every night a different club And yet I'm lonely all the time When I sign my autograph When I hold an interview Can't get you out of my mind Come back my love come back to me I need you now so desperately What good is fame it's just a game I'd give it all to be the same Backstage I wait now, hoping I'll see Your smiling face waiting there backstage for me Your smiling face waiting backstage for me Backstage Backstage


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