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BANBA OIR (Golden Ireland) Album : Banba Clannad (Ireland) Idir dhá láimh Daoine fíuntach Scríobh an ogham I mbanba óir I nglas héinne Fial ó nádúir Fonn ceoil I mbanba óir Lios na aileach Draicht draiotheach Tuamai rithe I mbanba oir Clochán naofa Cill is caisléain Truit na gceilteach I mbanba óir ----- English Translation Both two hands Of noble people Write the ogham In Golden Ireland In young company Noble of nature Desire of music In Golden Ireland Ring forts of rock The magic of the druids Tombs of kings In Golden Ireland Holy clochan* Churchyards and castles Sound of the Celtic (or secret?) language** In Golden Ireland. * Clochan are the beehive huts found at early Celtic monasteries ** Meaning uncertain. "Truit" might come from "trut", which means noise. "Gceilteach" is definitely from "ceilteach", which means either "Celtic" or "secretive."


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