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BEAUTIFUL LOSER (Bob Seger) Bob Seger He wants to dream like a young man With the wisdom of an old man. He wants his home and security, He wants to live like a sailor at sea. Beautiful loser, where you gonna fall? You realize you just canít have it all. Heís your oldest and your best friend, If you need him, heíll be there again. Heís always willing to be second best, A perfect lodger, a perfect guest. Beautiful loser, read it on the wall And realize, you just canít have it all. canít have it all, you canít have it all, Oh, oh, ... canít have it all. Heíll never make any enemies, He wonít complain if heís caught in a freeze. Heíll always ask, heíll always say please. Beautiful loser, never take it all ícause itís easier, faster when you fall, You just donít need it all Oh, oh, ... you just donít need it all.


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