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BE LIKE THE BLUEBIRD From "Anything Goes" (Cole Porter) Bill McCutcheon Moonface: You know your problem, Billy? You ain't got no philosophy. It's like Dillinger once told me: "Remember, it's always the darkest just before they turn on the lights." There's an old Australian bush song That Melba used to sing, A song that always cheered me when I was blue. Even Melba said this bush song Was a helluva song to sing, So be quiet whilst I render it for you. When your instinct tells you that disaster Is approaching you faster and faster, Then be like the bluebird and sing, "Tweet tweet, tra-la, tra-la, tra-la." When you know you're headed for the jailer Don't allow the old face to look paler But be like the bluebird and sing, "Tweet tweet, tra-la, tra-la, tra-la." Be like the bluebird who never is blue, For he knows from his upbringing what singing can do, And though by other birdies in the boughs, He may be told that his efforts are perfectly lousy, He sings on and on till his troubles are through, "Tweet tweet, tra-la, tra-la, tra-la."


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