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BE MAD LITTLE GIRL (Bobby Darin / Arr. Jimmy Haskell) Bobby Darin - 1963 Ah Ö be mad little girl But not at me Be mad little girl But try to see. That I canít let you stay A minute more Although you know That I adore you so Still ya bettah go. And, be mad little girl But not at me. Ah Ö be upset little girl But dry your eyes Be upset little girl But realize. That thereís nothiní that Iíd rather do than stay here And make love to you The whole night long Still I know itís wrong. So, be mad little girl But not at me. Ah ... not at me ... because Iím not the guy who made the laws Telliní us what we got to do And telliní us what not to do And, baby, I love you. Be mad little girl Be mad and blue Be mad little girl Ďcause I am too. But the more you stay The more I find That makes me wanna Change my mind Itís hard to fight So please say, "Good-night." And, be mad little girl But not at me. Ah Ö not at me Ö Donít be mad at me Ö Not mad at me Ö (Found on the internet, as transcribed by Marilyn Brown & Jane Penny)


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