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BERKSHIRE POPPIES (Winwood / Capaldi) Traffic - 1967 So many people with nothing to do Hundreds of buildings that block out my view Watched by a tramp with a hole in his shoe Standing alone on the corner He's thinking that work is all a big joke While he looks in the gutter for something to smoke Two hundred kids in one red minimoke Scream down the street fully loaded Day in the city Oh what a pity I could be in Berkshire where the poppies are so pretty I could be in Berkshire where the poppies are so pretty I wish that I was there I wanna make it out of there People like sardines Packed in a can Waiting for Christmas that's made in Japan And I'm having trouble with my apple flan Sat in the cafe on the corner I walk through the green gates and into the park Where murderers crawl after girls in the dark Down by the shed I head a remark I turned on but no one could hear me (Contributed by Andy & Mogg - February 2003)


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