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BE STILL, MY HEART Allan Flynn / Jack Egan 1934 as rec by Sam Browne w Ambrose & his Orch Dec 11th 1934 London also rec by- Freddy Martin & his Orch '34 Al Bowlly The Four Coins Jane Froman Be still, my heart, I can tell who's knocking at my door! Love has come to say that we must part, Be still, my heart! Just read those eyes, Trembling lips that don't know where to start, Even though they know they're telling lies! Be still, my heart! She hears the rumbling of a drum, It bids her come and she must go! She's leaving me and leaving you For someone new, And though we'll miss her so, We'll never let her go! Don't cry, my heart, Even though our love has gone away, She'll be coming back to us some day, Be still, my heart! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - December 2011)


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