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BIG GREEN PLEASURE MACHINE Simon & Garfunkel Do people have a tendency to dump on you? Does your group have more cavities than theirs? Do all the hippies seem to get the jump on you? Do you sleep alone when others sleep in pairs? Well there's no need to complain, We'll eliminate your pain. We can neutralize your brain. You'll feel just fine now. Buy a Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine! Do figures of authority just shoot you down? Is life within the bus'ness world a drag? Did your boss just mention that you'd better shop around To find yourself a more productive bag? Are you worried and distressed? Can't seem to get no rest? Put our product to the test. You'll feel just fine now. Buy a Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine! You better hurry up and order one Our limited supply is very nearly gone. Do you nervously await the blows of cruel fate? Do your checks bounce higher than a rubber ball? Are you worried 'cause your girlfriend's just a little late? Are you looking for a way to chuck it all? We can end your daily strife At a reasonable price. You've seen it advertised in Life. You'll feel just fine now.


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