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BLACK QUEEN (Stephen Stills) Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Also recorded by: Melvin Taylor & the Slack Band; Rusty Wier. spoken: This is a song about a card game Black queen, holding hearts Black queen, tear the game apart Black queen, don't you know? Can't beat aces all in a row, black queen, no you can't Have mercy black queen Don't you go mess with the black queen, no Black queen, see the whole hand Black queen, where's your black man? Black queen, if he ain't in the hole Black queen, you got some more to show me, black queen Oh, get on me black queen Oh, Lord, have mercy, black queen She's called to beat me clean Black queen, where's your bank roll? Black queen, where did it go? Black queen, the truth is hard Black queen, you're playin' foolish cards, black queen


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