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BLACK SHEEP John Anderson My daddy was a breakman on a high ball traveling train And mama she raised four little children and our family had a good name And papa and mama wanted all for us they never had Big brother, little brother, sister too No they didn't turn out half bad, 'cept meeeeee No chord I'm the black sheep of the family Big brother went to college and became a doctor man I guess he makes about a million dollars a year Off of folks home insurance plans He's got a big long mercedes bends [sic] and a house overlooking the town He sits in his jacuzzi and watches the sun go down And he feels real sorry for me, I'm the black sheep of the family Chorus: Yeah, I drive me a big ol' semi-truck, I'm making payments on a two-room shack My wife she waits on tables and at night she rubs my back And I tell her what my papa said to my mama When he got off a high-ball train Wake me up early, be good to my dog and teach my children to pray. Little sister married a banker, yeah, and he owns a country club He bought her a big ol' racing horse and a funny looking little dog He buys her big rings of diamonds and a brand new Japanese yacht And they like to get together and talk about all the things they got But they never mention me, I'm the black sheep of the family Chorus I'm saying woman, wake me up early......(rest of chorus)


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