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BLESS THIS HOUSE (Helen Taylor / Mary H. Brahe) Recorded by: The Big DooWopper; Brian L. Bowman; Rosemary Clooney; Perry Como; Doris Day; Carmen Dragon; Tommy Drennan; Gracie Fields; Myron Floren; The Fureys; Bill Garden; Jerome Hines; Mahalia Jackson; Joni James; Tony Kenny; Gladys Knight; Josef Locke; Benjamin Luxon; John McNally; Bill McCue; Mormon Tabernacle Choir; 101 Strings Orch.; Frank Patterson; Jan Peerce; Sir Harry Secombe; Kate Smith; Robert White. (In brackets = choir) Bless this house, Oh Lord we pray Make it safe by night and day Bless these walls so firm and stout Keeping want and trouble out Bless the roof and chimneys tall Let thy peace lie over all Bless this door that it may prove Ever open to joy and love (Bless these windows shining bright) (Letting in Godís heavenly light) Bless the hearth, a-blazing there With smoke ascending like a prayer Bless the people here within Keep them pure and free from sin Bless us all that we may be Fit Oh Lord to dwell with thee Bless us all that we, one day, may dwell Oh Lord, we pray


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