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BLESS YOUR BEAUTIFUL HIDE (Gene de Paul / Johnny Mercer) Howard Keel Bless your beautiful hide, wherever you may be We ain't met yet but I'm a-willing to bet You're the gal for me Bless your beautiful hide You're just as good as lost I don't know your name but I'm a-stakin' my claim Lest your eyes is crossed Oh, I'd swap my gun and I'd swap my mule Though whoever took it would be one big fool Or pay your way through cookin' school If'n you would say I Do Bless your beautiful hide, prepare to bend your knee And take that vow 'cause I'm a-tellin' you now You're the gal for me Pretty and trim but kinda slim Heavenly eyes but, oh, that size She's gotta be right to be the bride for me Bless your beautiful hide, wherever you may be Pretty and trim but not too slim Heavenly eyes and just the right size Simple and sweet, and sassy as can be! Bless her beautiful hide Yes, she's the gal for me


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