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BLOW ME A KISS Bob Kevian & Tom Griswold (Impersonating Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis) Well Pally, it looks like our girls have dumped us Looks like they dumped us Dean Is there anything you'd like to say to 'em Pally There sure is Dino Baby, blow me A kiss as you're leaving Blow me Woh, a kiss right now Cause if you're gonna leave me, honey, I will surely miss the way you blow me Blow me a kiss Woh-oh-oh Come on and blow me, woh A kiss like you mean it Blow me A kiss goodbye I really can't remember anything as hard as this So blow me Blow me a kiss Woh-oh-oh Some things in life are hard to swallow I guess she couldn't take it all Dean She couldn't handle everything Woh-oh-oh, who could ? But if she comes back tomorrow I'll be shooting my wad On flowers and a ring Honey, blow me Woh, a kiss, as you're leaving, baby Blow me Woh, a kiss as you go And always think about me As you're going down Your list Baby, blow me Blow me a kiss I'll miss her arms and her elbows Woh-oh, they're some nice ones I'll miss her legs so tall She's got some long legs, Dean, woh-ho I'll miss her neck and her shoulders But I'll miss her head most of all Watch out baby Baby, blow me Woh, a kiss as you're leaving, baby Blow me Woh, a kiss as you go Oh oh, look out And if you wanna come home, honey, that's okay Just grab a hold of this And, baby, blow me Baby, won't you blow me Blow me a kiss Woh-oh Woh Pally Woh-ho-ho


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