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BLUE HILLS OF PASADENA (Raymond Wallace, Leo Herbert) As recorded by: Ray Starita & His Ambassadors Band V. Betty Bolton Recorded 13th June 1929 Also recorded by: Al Benny & His Broadway Boys The Deauville Dance Orchestra Blue hills of Pasadena are calling me home Blue hills of Pasadena are calling oíer the foam So my grip Iím gonna pack And find that little shack Just a humble rough and tumble Home sweet home, but I donít grumble Blue hills of Pasadena Iím heading for you Tired of always being on the roam, alone When I think of my soft pillows In that nest among the willows Blue hills of Pasadena are calling me home. Transcribed from John Wrightís 78 RPM Record Collection (Transcribed by Bill Huntley - July 2013)


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