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THE BLUES ARE BREWIN' From the film "New Orleans" (1947) (Eddie Delange / Louis Alter) Billie Holiday with Louis Armstrong & His Band - 1947 Woody Herman & The Thundering Herd - 1947 Also recorded by: Manhattan Transfer When the moon's kinda dreamy Starry eyed and dreamy And nights are luscious and long If youre kinda lonely And all kinda only Then nothin' but the blues are brewin' The blues are brewin' When the wind through the willow Blows across your pillow And tells you sleepin' is wrong If love goes a thirstin' Till you feel like burstin' Then nothin' but the blues are brewin' The blues are brewin' S'pose you want somebody But you ain't got nobody You only got a gleam in your eye Till somebody's found you And puts their lovin' arms around you You got the feelin' you want to die But when the Lord up above you Sends someone to love you The blues are something you lose You're so busy doin' The things that youre doin' That love ain't got no time For brewin' the blues (Contributed by =Ae= - February 2009)


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