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BLUE SKIRT WALTZ (Vaclav Blaha / Mitchell Parish) Frankie Yankovic Also recorded by : The Browns; The Emeralds; Myron Floren; Happy Organ; Guy Lombardo; Leon Mcauliffe & His Cimmaron Boys; Moms & Dads; Hank Thompson; Lawrence Welk. I wandered alone one night, till I heard and orchestra play I met you what lights were bright, and people were care-free and guy You were the beautiful lady in blue, I was in heaven just waltzing with you You thrilled me with strange delight, then softly you stole away Chorus: I dream of that night with you, Lady when first we met We danced in a world of blue, How can my heart forget Blue were the skies, and blue were your eyes, just like the blue skirt you wore Come back blue lady, come back, Don't be blue any more


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