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BOB DYLAN BLUES (Written by Syd Barrett) Syd Barrett Got the Bob Dylan blues And the Bob Dylan Shoes And my clothes and my hairís in a mess But you know I just couldnít care less Goiní to write me a song Boutí whatís right and whatís wrong Boutí god and my god and all that Quiet while I make like a cat Chorus: Cause Iím a poet Donít ya know it And the wind, you can blow it Cause Iím Mr. Dylan, the king And Iím free as a bird on the wing Roam from town to town Guess I get people down But I donít care too much about that Cause my gut and my wallet are fat Make a whole lotta dough But I deserve it though Iíve got soul and a good heart of gold So Iíll sing about war in the cold Chorus (see above): Well I sing about dreams And I rhymes it with seams Cause it seems that my dream always means That I can prophesy all kinds of things Well the guy that digs me Should try hard to see That he buys all my discs and a hat And when Iím in town go see that Chorus (see above):


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