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BOOMERANG The Ramones The time that I was drunk, needed a place to stay. You said that I stunk You looked the other way, the day that I was broke. You said I was a joke, you kicked me in the head. Then you threw me outta bed. (Chorus) Boomerang all the things you do, everything you say comes back to you. Boomerang, all the things you do. Everything you say comes back to you boomerang. I ended up in jail, you wouldn't pay the bail. I bit down all my nails. Remember what it could've been. And now I'm on the street, got blisters on my feet. Got bugs in my hair. All because you didn't care. (Chorus) You played me for a fool, you acted oh so cruel. A puppet of a string, I gave you everything. But things didn't turn out right. You'd go and start the fight. You really screwed my mind. You wasted all my time. (Chorus)


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