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BOULEVARD Jackson Browne Down on the boulevard they take it hard They look at life with such disregard They say it can't be won The way the game is run But if you choose to stay You end up playing anyway It's okay-- The kid's in shock up and down the block The folks are home playing beat the clock Down at the golden cup They set the young ones up Under the neon light Selling day for night It's alright-- Nobody rides for free Nobody gets it like they want it to be Nobody hands you any guarantee Nobody The hearts are hard and the times are tough Down on the boulevard the night's enough And time passes slow Between the store front shadows and the street lights glow Everybody walks right by like they're safe or something They don't know-- Nobody knows you Nobody owes you nothin Nobody shows you what they're thinking Nobody baby Hey, hey, baby You got to watch the street, keep your feet And be on guard Make it pay baby It's only time on the boulevard


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