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BRAINWASH (Written by Rick Danko and Emmett Grogan) Brainwash..what a price to pay Brainwash..when there ain't no other way Crossed ideas and twisted fear Chosen channels of a million tears Strains the mind, night after night And the price ain't really right Brainwash..on the road to a cosmic spark Rub ya and scrub ya until you're raw Snake oils on the boil And the master pitch is in a coil Give it up with your hands in the air No way you're ever goin nowhere Brainwash..pick yourself up off the ground Brainwash..saddle up on the merry-go-round There once was a colt and they called it Morris And it could not stop the flying horse Thoroughbred on the wings of reason Past the sky..the masterpiece of freedom Brainwash ...


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