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BREAD AND GRAVY (Hoagy Carmichael) Ethel Waters - 1935 Hoagy Carmichael - 1935 Wingy Manone & His Cats - 1944 Also recorded by: Paula West; Jane Voss; Prudence Johnson; Cory Jamison; Soulskin. Bread and gravy, lots of bread and gravy Beans and bacon, lots of beans and bacon No more frettin' since I've been gettin' Lots of bread and gravy all the time Peace and quiet, lots of peace and quiet Friends and money, lots of friends and money No more ramblin', I'm through with scramblin' Keep up with the Joneses all the time Got no reason to be swell And my clothes all fit me well And I wear a nice ring I'm as free as I can be And my honey's lovin' me So I just can't keep from singin' Bread and gravy, lots of bread and gravy Goodnight kisses, my love never misses No more blues now, no bad news now Just lots of bread and gravy all the time


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