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BREAKFAST IN BED (Eddie Hinton / Donnie Fritts) Dusty Springfield, UB40 et. al. Chrissie: You've been crying your face is a mess Come in baby, you can wipe the tears on my dress She's hurt you again, I can tell I know that look so well Ali: Don't be shy, we've been here before Pull your shoes off, And I will lock the door And no-one has to know, I've come here again Knowing it'll be like it's always been before (chorus) Chrissie & ali: Breakfast in bed, kisses for me You don't have to say you love me Breakfast in bed, love can make you sing Chrissie: What's your hurry, please don't hit and run We can let her wait, my darling it's been so long Ali: Since you've had me here, I've returned again Darling it will be like it's always been before Repeat chorus and fade


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