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BRING YOUR SMILE ALONG (Benny Davis / Carl Fischer) Billy Cotton & His Band v. Alan Breeze & Chorus (Chorus) No matter where you go, you never can go wrong If you bring your smile along No matter what you do, youíll be so welcome too If you bring your smile along And when it comes to love just put this down Youíll get further with a smile than you will with a frown Remember your romance will stand a better chance If you bring your smile along (Musical Break) (Alan) Life can be so worthwhile, youíre never out of style When you bring your smile along If you go east or west, youíll mingle with the best When you bring your smile along (All) Though itís been said before, Iíd like to say A smile is your umbrella on that rainy day And just remember too the world will smile with you When you bring your smile, bring it along Just bring your smile along.


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